Everett Applegate's roots were loosely tethered to the sandy soil of the southern New Jersey town of Chatsworth, deep in the Pine Lands where he grew up as a farm hand tending a family-owned blueberry and cranberry cooperative. With this beginning, and seven decades of life as a landscape, Everett still strives for true self-knowledge. While mingling within a hundred countries, a significant part of his earlier years involved a variety of business endeavors. Contending that all highways steer you somewhere and nowhere simultaneously, he relies on subtle messages and instincts to appreciate the people and places along the journey of life. 
If ever a place can define an individual, Baja has given true meaning and purpose to this wayward man's life. Prior to this era, Everett was absorbed and preoccupied with economic sustainability. He never had the confidence or time to write anything more coherent than a paragraph, or until recently, paint anything more artistic than a wall. However, in the past decade and a half, he has written five novels. Now he has taken up painting with the same unguided hard work, determination, dedication, passion and conviction that led to success in his other endeavors. Although his landscapes of words and paint may sometimes seem obscure and muted, he feels that structured academic perfection is less important than the honest expression of mind, body and soul.

​With his sixties attitude toward social convention, Everett avoids alignment with the status quo. He prefers to cast his individual shadows, and avoid the pack as well as the past, leaving the latter for historians while engaging the future for new adventures. In both writing and art, he works to translate the mind's image of imperfection into something reflecting his personal descriptive choices, knowing that we are all but sculptors and scientists, confined within our own laboratories of life using various malleable formulae to seek personal identity and happiness.